About the Author of Locolize

Teresa is kind, sensitive and creative. Read her blog to get insight on what goes on in her lovely head… Its all done with intelligence and sheer love!

My main mission is to give a voice to African contemporary innovations within the creative arts. Nothing gives me more pleasure to do my bit in this world to support talented emerging artists that are starting off and/ or are trying to make a living off their creative works. I have been fortunate and I feel its is only ethical to give back to society a piece of my creative knowledge and skills.

Locolize is from 2 words, ‘Loco’ meaning ‘crazy’ also a play on the ‘Kenyan phonetics pronounciation’ of the word ‘local’ and the word ‘lize’ is derived from the word ‘mobilize’. Locolize is all about being madly crazy about authentic African design, with the quest of rallying support (financial or otherwise) to inspire our generation. I believe that good Design transforms lives and has the power of shaping the destiny of humanity. Locolize wishes to be in the fore front of pushing the next frontier of innovations, talent, creativity and the arts in East Africa.

Drop me a mail on tigeress@locolize.co.ke or fill the below form to know more about the platform, suggestions, opinion or just chat about creativity. Il get back to you as soon as I can. Asante!


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