Try setting up a skype meeting for three insanely busy girls and what you get is pure frustration. That is what I feel right now after trying fruitlessly to set a up a skype meeting between Teresa, Ogake and I, the founders of LOCOLIZE. Teresa is that girl on the right with weird frames and Ogake must be in her studio right now. I am sitting at my desk in Stellenbosch, South Africa and will shortly reveal to you why I am writing this post.

Let me first introduce myself properly. I was born and raised as Lorraine Amollo though I now prefer to call myself Amolo Artist. Sadly this new name has not caught on yet. My reasons for acquiring the name Artist is to convince people that I am indeed an Artist. But when I am not a struggling artist, I am actually a fortunate academic with a PhD scholarship to study at one of the premier universities in Africa: University of Stellenbosch.

My background is in industrial design. I love making things and enjoy seeing how people use things. That is how I came to research on sustainability issues because I now see that the way we use things has to change.

Ogake’s story is even more interesting than mine. What with a degree from UCA, (University for the Creative Arts) in Rochester UK where she honed her skills in fashion design. Her work is to die for and LOCOLIZE is the better for having her. If you don’t believe me then check out her FB page and decide for yourself.

You already know about the other girl Teresa seeing as she is the brains behind LOCOLIZE and hitherto, the writer in this blog.

So I was trying to set up the skype meeting for the three of us because:
One: I am in South Africa and the other two are in Nairobi, Kenya
Two: We need to discuss all matters LOCOLIZE which includes a book chapter for a tertiary level design publication to be launched next year during the World Design Capital 2014!
And three: We just need to catch up because we friends.

Let me get off here with a word of caution to anyone remotely interested in African art and design: If you are not keeping tabs on what LOCOLIZE is about to do then you might miss out on something really cool. And it is not just cool because the three ladies behind it are phenomenal; it is cool because it could be the launching pad for the next generation of Africa’s greatest artists and designers.

Well, read my post with a pinch of salt but do give it some thought.