It is all from the Heart. My Precious…


Let my fingers do the talking!

Its extraordinary how as one grows older, one becomes wiser. Writing this blog in itself is a show of maturity, self confidence and of course wisdom.

Today I look around me and feel so blessed to be able to have a medium that I can share my feelings, aspirations, bitterness and even successes.

I am awed by the pace of technology and what it has to offer. I am always online (someone needs to start paying me for the amount of time i spend online), trying to keep abreast with new design trends, innovations and winning campaigns globally. I tell you, it is inexhaustive. No sooner do I finally discover how holographic technology works, Im bombarded by the complexities of 3-D printing, Nike fuel band and UI! The pace at which innovations in this world moves in itself needs a spot at the Guinness Book of records!

My inquisitive character ensures that I grow in my profession, and mentally challenging myself to always do more, to keep going, to keep studying about the arts every single day. To surpass what I know and venture into new things, paradigms and look at future innovations as that is where the intrigue lies. To phanthom that that is what my children will see (if im lucky to be blessed with some); I feel that they shall be a lucky lot. 

Watching 3D animations, stories about mutants, Avatar, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Tinga Tinga…. Is awesome wonder. It is baffling to see how art directors, draftsmen’s, animators of these films spend hours on and off set designing to get the script just right, going all out to make them magically real. You can almost think that the characters in the fictious script exist in the real world. It is these works of art that make me exalt the human race and marvel at how God can bestow such great talent to humans.

I always wonder what He thinks when he looks down from heaven to see all the ‘Creators’ do what they are doing to make a living. Does he nod and approve of our works or does he  tut tut to himself and shake his head in disapproval?

Well that is a question posed to my readers. 

Designers negotiate with destiny. It is completely why I am lost in this subject matter. It is honestly the real reason why I am happy. To dabble with colour, space, form, type, lines and visual cues is one of those things that may seem so child like yet so powerful. To start by having a spark of an idea, putting it on paper then seeing it come alive before your very eyes is fundamentally the most wonderful feeling for an artist. More so when this idea is shared and it is adopted, approved or delivers a solution to a specific need for the targeted consumer. No one put it better than Jeffrey Zeldman who said ” Content precedes Design. Design in the absence of Content is not Design, it’s decoration. 

There are a bevy of quotes that im into but I shall share one last one that will sumarize my feeling today.

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist”

— Louis Nizer





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