Philosophical Ranting’s about Life

There is a reason why people write. They say it’s a form of stress reliever. I agree, I’m one of those people who finds writing therapeutic J

They also say change is good, this year, I have broken my own best record of Most Active Year of CHANGE. (However, I shall not bore you with the details).

I had a different script for this post but that was 5 days ago, now I don’t remember what it was all about. All I can recall was a title… The Creative is a Loner.

It’s amazing how when you reach a certain age you feel like you are growing too fast, (I swear the 30-somethings reading this are feeling me right now) time is fleeting, we are growing older and wiser and realize that we are not here forever. So today allow me to rant. (Disclaimer: I might be a bit morbid).

Loner. Individual. Talent. Destiny. All these terms insinuate a singular path / or personal manifestation of the self. It’s scary stuff. I’m sure everyone has gotten that feeling where one feels alone, and wonders what life has to offer. The artist always muses what his purpose is in life. The professional always wonders whether they put the knowledge acquired into relevant practice. The old wonder when they shall meet their maker. The child always wonders what he/she will be when he/ she grows up.  Single guys often wonder whom they shall end up with as a life-long partner. Even Forester Gump said, ‘Life is a box of Chocolates’, you never know what it has to offer.

Most importantly, everyone needs to recognize that we (mortals – setting aside Religion) are the only ones who can shape what our destiny is. It’s the little experiences, values, people we encounter; paths that we go through in our life and our responses to them. Those experiences are what make us who we are. It is how we grow, learn and gain wisdom about Life.

So far, I am content in the knowledge that even if we cannot prophesize what our destiny is, we have some sort of control on how it will unfold. Therefore, it is enlightening to see people who make good choices, and benefit from those choices. Take for example the innovators of our time, successful artistes, recovered drug addicts, rehabilitated trauma victims, financial gurus and other hugely accomplished people in society. They saw an opportunity or saw a viable solution, took that path and went for what they believed in 100%. Normally it takes a visionary sort of individual to pursue the uncertain/ overcome a seemingly impossible challenge.

At this point it’s only appropriate that I introduce the term that I’m sure most will identify with. INTUITION. My synonyms (right click pop up menu) suggests that it also means, Instinct. Perception. Feeling. Inkling. Hunch. Sensitivity. etc.

It’s purely the power of understanding or realizing something without thinking it out. It is mainly used to calculate risk when one is not sure. I am a believer of Nature and intuition is one of those ‘feelings’ that though subtle is to a high degree precise in analyzing situations.

Designers apply it daily. From brainstorming, to graphic layout design, to ergonomics calculations, to copy writing.  In their context, its use is unconscious.

What I’m driving at is simple. Always use your Intuition! This will aid you to gauge what the correct response must be. You will be surprised that people don’t use their hunch and tend to go with ‘mass euphoria’ or ‘peer-pressure’.

When one is faced with options, a dilemma or problem; pause and internalize on what is being said before you take action. In responding, use your gut feeling and chances are the right decision will come to you. The more you practice being intuitive the better you get with time. Soon it will be unconsciously applied to everything you do.

Put it to practice on everything – from relationships to politics to careers and finances – through applying the ‘what does my gut feeling say’ you shall be surprised by how easy it is to make a decision. At times, its good to listen to others and even purchase those overly pricey inspirational books, but lets face it, its way cheaper and prudent to just go with your intuition.

So when someone asks me whether gay behaviour is right or wrong, I use ‘Messiah Intuition’ to debate that one. Matter to do with the do’s and don’ts of relationships, strategy plan for a brand, or even what political aspirant I shall support come the March 2013 elections, I’ll normally turn to my gut feeling.

Don’t get me wrong; your hunch needs to be backed with facts for it to make sense at all! This is the only way you shall be determining a good solution.

In conclusion, my hypothesis is (which isn’t proven) people who practices using their intuition are more successful and happier than those who don’t act on their intuition. Well, these are my random thoughts, and hopefully correct coherent deductions.

Do have a lovely holiday and a prosperous 2013, wont you?Image